Magiclay – Coloured Classroom Clay

Magiclay is a wonderful tool for supporting students as they learn. With its soft and lightweight consistency, children can mould and create their own designs with this coloured clay, experimenting with new skills and exploring their imaginations to the fullest. read more...

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Magiclay – Coloured Classroom Clay

Paper magiclay 240g candy colours 12's
€24.75 €22.50 Ex. GST
Paper magiclay coloured 240g - canister
€24.75 €22.50 Ex. GST
Paper magiclay earth colours
€24.75 €22.50 Ex. GST
Paper magiclay neon colours
€24.75 €22.50 Ex. GST
Paper magiclay 240g white - canister
€24.75 €22.50 Ex. GST
Claydough assorted
€24.75 €22.50 Ex. GST
Modelling cutting wheels
€16.89 €15.35 Ex. GST
Pattern rolling pins
€25.91 €23.55 Ex. GST
Pottery tool kit
€23.10 €21.00 Ex. GST
Modelling spring
€8.91 €8.10 Ex. GST

Fun and stimulating, this unique classroom clay can provide unlimited learning opportunities for any curriculum area.

With a wide selection of coloured clay and modelling tools, our thebusinesspivot collection can add colour and creativity to any educational experience. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Magiclay can bring a little magic to your classroom.

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